As a specialist in anti-aging, I only have good things to say about Nelly. She is skillful and sensitive and knows how the body works and what we need to do to keep it functioning long after others have given up. I cannot recommend her more.

— Dr Ann J. Peters, MD Longevity, New York & San Francisco

At age 60 I began having severe pain in my left upper back that eventually travelled through my left shoulder, under and down my left arm into my hand and across the left side of my chest. A MRI on my cervical spine diagnosed degenerative disk disease, stenosis, with nerve impingement at C-5, C-6 and C-7. The pain was bearable during the day, but at night my bed became a torture rack. I dislike using pain medication, but after waking up in the middle of the night with terrible pain I’d take it to knock myself out. I started working with Nelly three times a week and within a couple of weeks I no longer needed hydrocodone at 3:00 a.m.  After three months of working with Nelly, I was completely pain free. Naturally inclined to be a coach potato, my body has become noticeably more toned and flexible. I feel very lucky finding Essentrics and Nelly, just at the right time, as I continue taking classes with her.

— Dennis R., Los Angeles

This is a whole-hearted recommendation for the skill, intelligence and caring attitude of Nelly in working with me in my home on Classical Stretch exercises. 

I am 83, have severe spinal stenosis, dicey knees and had a minor stroke a little over a year ago that damaged the neuro-muscle system in my right leg. I walk with a walker in Manhattan and on the rough roads of Vermont, where I have a second home, and have no trouble managing 1-2 miles at a time thanks to the work I did with Nelly. 

No small thing: Nelly taught me some simple exercises for my toes and feet that solved a problem I had for more than a year with arthritis in a toe (that was not solved by an operation) and also helped improve my balance.

Since she has moved to Los Angeles I still manage to do a few of the exercises I did with her help and they are very valuable to keeping up my flexibility and feeling of well being. 

— Marion B., New York

I saw your name and had the fantasy you had returned to New York and were offering your services for classes. Staff is always asking if you are back and recalls the warmth with which you lead the group. Your Essentrics classes made exercise fun and we felt great. Los Angeles is lucky to have you!

— Bonnie Berman, AVP Nursing/ Psychiatry Maimonides Medical Center, New York

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